Amanda Rife

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Hello! My name is Amanda Rife and I am a mosaicist based out of Harrisburg, PA. For over a decade, my creative outlet of choice has been an ancient art form with a modern twist, where I cut sheets of stained glass into smaller pieces and meticulously arranges them to create my interpretation of the subject matter.

I have been drawn to a variety of different artistic mediums throughout my life, including drawing, collage, and photography. But when introduced to mosaics, I felt compelled to work with glass. The challenge to recreate textures and patterns, and to interpret objects and natural subjects, is one I eagerly accept. In my creative process, I take an object and deconstruct it in order to figure out how the glass will be cut and where the grout will be. Many subjects do not have hard lines, so the glass’ edge and the grout need to imply every curve and detail in order for the entire piece to come together. Every cut of glass is planned, with each edge cut in anticipation of the piece that will be placed next to it.

Every mosaic is hand-crafted with great precision and care, and even if an image is produced more than once, there will never be two mosaics with the exact same cuts of glass throughout the entire piece. Every mosaic truly is one of a kind. My mosaics have been featured locally in shows at Metropolis Collective, Sheila Frank, ZeroDay Brewing, Moda Salon, Cornerstone Coffeehouse, Larsen Meadworks and Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center.

For information on having a custom mosaic made, please send an email to MosaicMontage@gmail.com